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RaboDirect says Budget has important message for savers

Posted on 24 May 2012 by RaboDirect | No comments
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Mel Templeton, General Manager for RaboDirect, says the Budget announcement today reinforces the need for Kiwis to think about their own savings.

“We see this Budget as underlining the importance of providing for your own future needs,” says Ms Templeton.

“It’s clear the Government remains focused on getting its house in order by managing the balance between paying down debt, spending and saving. The message for Kiwis is that it makes sense to do the same,” she says.

“Our recent survey showed a big rise in the number of people saving in New Zealand.

“We think banks should get on board with this surge by making it easier for people to plan for their future and get the most out of their savings. More than ever we think it is important for banks to offer good, transparent deals on savings that don’t get eaten away by fees or penalty conditions.”

RaboDirect is New Zealand’s only specialist online savings bank.

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