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Strong online security with the Digipass

We’ve chosen to protect you with the safest method of online banking available today. Using the Digipass your money is protected by two-factor authentication.

By using the Digipass your savings and investments, as well as your identity, benefit from the best online security available.

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Statement on European Debt Crisis

Rabobank is well capitalised and has very strong solvency ratios, with a Tier 1 capital ratio (a key measure of solvency) of 17 per cent. Rabobank is among the most highly rated banks in the world, ranked among the top 10 safest banks in the world for over 10 years in Global Finance magazine's 'World's 50 Safest Banks' list.

online safety tips

Online safety tips

Check out our recommended precautions for staying safe online, including

  • how to keep your bank details and Digipass secure,

  • protecting yourself from identity theft

  • how to spot 'phishing' (fake) emails, claiming to be from us, and

  • staying safe on Twitter, Facebook and other social media services
Global Finance

Ranked one of the world's safest banks

Rabobank has been among the top 10 safest banks in the world for over 10 years, according to Global Finance magazine, the world's leading finance magazine. Rabobank has a AA- credit rating from Standard & Poors.

Credit ratings of banks in New Zealand by Standard and Poor's.


Europe's No.1 online bank

The security of RaboDirect is founded on Rabobank's status as Europe's number 1 online bank and over ten years of Internet banking experience. In the Netherlands, over 40% of people who bank online use Rabobank

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