Term Deposits

4.20 %p.a. 12 months, $1,000+

With no account fees or sneaky conditions, and interest rates as high as 5.65% p.a., RaboDirect Term Deposits are a great way to get some predictability back into your savings without sacrificing performance.

Term Deposit features

Our Term Deposits give you the flexibility you need when locking your money away for the short or long term:

  • $1,000 minimum deposit
  • Large range of terms (1 mth to 5 yrs)
  • No account fees
  • Option to automatically reinvest on maturity
  • Option to receive interest on a monthly basis
    (1 to 5 year terms only)

Term Deposit rates

Whatever your account type, you get the same high rates...

interest* (p.a.)
Interim interest (p.a.)
1 month3.00%---
3 months3.25%---
6 months4.10%---
9 months4.00%---
1 year4.20%4.12%4.14%4.16%
15 months4.15%4.07%4.08%-
18 months4.75%4.65%4.66%4.68%
2 years5.00%4.89%4.91%4.94%
3 years5.25%5.13%5.15%5.18%
4 years5.50%5.37%5.39%5.43%
5 years5.65%5.51%5.53%5.57%

* Interest paid at maturity or annually. RaboDirect does not currently offer a compounding interest option for Term Deposits. The interest rates listed here are for deposits up to $5 million. For rates on deposits over $5 million please call us on 0800 22 44 33.

Compare Term Deposit rates

Before you decide where to invest next, make sure your money is working as hard as it could be by comparing our Term Deposit rates below.

Minimum deposit$1,000$10,000$10,000$10,000$5,000$10,000
1 month3.00%2.80%2.60%2.60%2.85%2.85%
3 months3.25%3.25%3.00%3.00%3.25%3.25%
6 months4.10%3.75%3.75%3.75%4.10%3.75%
9 months4.00%4.00%4.00%3.80%3.85%3.80%
1 year4.20%4.10%4.10%4.00%4.20%4.00%
15 months4.15%-----
18 months4.75%4.75%4.30%4.30%-4.30%
2 years5.00%5.00%4.60%4.75%4.75%4.75%
3 years5.25%5.25%5.00%5.00%5.00%5.00%
4 years5.50%5.50%5.25%5.25%5.50%5.25%
5 years5.65%5.75%5.50%5.50%5.75%5.50%

Figures sourced from as at 7 April 2014.

RaboDirect Term Deposit interest rates are the current rates for deposits up to $5 million. For rates on deposits over $5 million please call us on 0800 22 44 33. Rates based on a $10,000 principal deposit. Rates based on simple interest although some banks offer compound interest.

Features in detail

Auto reinvest option

If you plan to continue investing in a particular term when your Term Deposit matures, then our auto reinvest option lets you do this automatically. Plus, when you set a Term Deposit to auto reinvest you can choose to either reinvest the interest earned (getting the benefits of compounding interest) or have the interest paid into your Savings Account.

Interim interest payments available

Interim interest payments are ideal if you're retired or looking to receive a regular income from your savings, much like a salary.

You can choose to receive monthly, quarterly or six-monthly interest payments instead of interest paid at the Term Deposit maturity date. This option is available for 1-5 year Term Deposits. Please note that RaboDirect does not currently offer a compounding interest option for Term Deposits.

Maturity email alerts

A few days before each Term Deposit matures you'll receive an email alert. This gives you enough time to check the latest interest rates, pick a term and decide where next to invest your funds.

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