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Celebrating National Farmers Market Week

RaboDirect is a proud supporter of National Farmers Market Week. The week is about celebrating the local farmers markets all across New Zealand. They are great events for communities to be involved in and should be enjoyed by everyone.


We support the Farmers’ Market movement which is about building and strengthening local communities, supporting local food related businesses and giving consumers access to regional food. That’s because 100% of RaboDirect deposits help to fund the NZ food and agribusiness sector, enabling local producers to bring delicious fresh food to Kiwis.






Rasmusen's Egg Farm

The free-range eggs supplied for our mini-maket were laid in Whanganui, where Rasmusen's Egg Farm has been producing quality eggs over three generations since 1937.


Fashion Foods

The crisp apples supplied for our mini-market came from Bill & Erica from Fashion Foods in the Tasman Region. There they have approximately 40 hectares of trees producing a wide variety of apples.


Barker's of Geraldine

The delicious preserves supplied for our mini-market were proudly made on a corner of the original Barker family farm in the foot hills of the Southern Alps. Barker's have been crafting quality preserves for nearly five decades.

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