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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to your questions quickly and easily by reading our frequently asked questions

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The most commonly asked questions

How often will I receive statements for my RaboDirect account?

We don’t post statements but they are available to download online at any time.

  1. Log into RaboDirect
  2. Click 'Savings' then 'Statements'
  3. Select the account and enter the date range
  4. Click 'Search'
  5. Click 'Download' to open a PDF statement.

Clicking the 'Download transactions (csv)' button will generate an excel spreadsheet that can be imported into accounting software.

How do I download my tax certificate?


You can download tax certificates online. 
  1. Log into RaboDirect. 
  2. Click 'My Rabo' then 'Tax Reports' 
  3. Select the account owner
  4. Select the tax report you require
  5. Click 'Search'
  6. Click 'Download' next to the required year