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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to your questions quickly and easily by reading our frequently asked questions

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I’m having troubles with this site, is it my browser?

You may have differing experiences depending on the browser and version you are using. Recently we have found that some Mozilla Firefox users are unable to proceed to additional pages when looking at their messages or investments online, or applying for accounts. 

If you have another browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome, you may wish to try accessing our site via this browser instead. 

Click here to learn more about the technical requirements of browsing the RaboDirect website. 

Do I need Adobe Reader® installed?

To print PDF documents, you'll need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed, you can download it for free.

Company network

Please be aware that your employer might have blocked (partial) access to external websites (such as to prevent you from doing personal banking on company time. It might even be that some colleagues are granted access while others are not. If you experience problems while connecting from a company network please consult your local network administrator.

Do I need Flash installed?


To experience some parts of our website and internet banking you may need Adobe Flash Player installed as a plugin on your browser. Many browsers come with Flash Player pre-installed. Find out more about Adobe Flash Player.

Do I need JavaScript enabled?


To best experience our website and internet banking, you need to have JavaScript enabled. You can enable it using your browser's internet options; refer to your browser's help content. 

Firewall, Pop-up Blocker & Anti-Virus Software

We recommended you install a personal firewall and anti-virus software on your computer. Update the software's virus definitions frequently.

Installed software on your PC other than your browser, such as a personal firewall, pop-up blocker or anti-virus scanner, may interfere with the performance of

Why do I need session cookies?

You must set your browser to accept cookies in order to be able to perform transactions with RaboDirect. Session cookies only stay on your computer for the duration of your session.

Can I change my personalised five-digit PIN code?

Yes. You can change your PIN code at any time.
  1. Press the orange key on your Digipass. 
  2. Enter your existing five digit PIN code. 
  3. Press the orange key again until 'NEW PIN' is displayed. 
  4. Enter your new five digit PIN code. 
  5. Enter the new PIN code again. 
  6. The Digipass will display 'NEW PIN CONF' and is ready to use.

How do I activate my Digipass?

You can activate your Digipass in three simple steps.

1. Get an activation code.

Go to the Digipass activation page and enter your customer number, date of birth and how you want to receive your code (email or TXT).

2. Set up your personal PIN.

Press the orange key on your Digipass and enter the code we sent. You can then enter your own five digit PIN. Enter this twice to confirm it.

3. Activate your Digipass.

Follow the onscreen instructions to generate a Digipass code and complete the activation.

How often do Digipass numbers change?

The random numbers generated by the Digipass change every time. This means that the number can only be used once, within a specified time limit. If someone manages to hack your computer, the number you last used to log in will be useless to them.

This makes the Digipass much safer than other forms of online security such as permanent passwords or access codes.

How safe are the Digipass activation/unlock codes?


We have tried to make the online activation and unlock process as safe as possible. 

We only use the email address or mobile number we hold on file to send the code to you. To change your details you must call us and complete a security check or log in online with your Digipass. 

And even if your details are incorrect and someone else receives the code, they cannot access your account without your Digipass.

I need a new Digipass. What do I do?


If you have lost your Digipass or the battery is low, we can replace it for you free of change *.

Call us on 0800 22 44 33 or +64 4 8192870 (between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday) and we will send a replacement.

If you can't call or it’s outside our business hours, you can print and sign our Digipass Request Form then scan and email, fax or post it back to us.

*Unless you are overseas, then a delivery fee may apply.

I’ve forgotten my PIN. How do I reset it


You will need to lock the Digipass by entering an incorrect PIN five times. The Digipass will then display a code which you use to unlock the Digipass online.

We then send you a code via email or TXT which you use to unlock the Digipass and set up a new PIN.

1. Click here to get your unlock code.
2. Once you have received your email or TXT, press the orange key on your Digipass and enter the unlock code
3. The Digipass will display 'New PIN'. Enter the five digit PIN you want to use
4. Enter your PIN again to confirm it
5. The Digipass will display 'New PIN conf'
6. You can now log into your account as normal

My Digipass is displaying an error message. What does it mean?


FAIL 1,2,3 or 4
The wrong PIN has been entered. Press the orange key to try again. You have five attempts before the Digipass locks.

LOCK PIN [-------]
Your Digipass has been locked. Click here to visit the login page and  click on the link 'Unlock your Digipass now' on the right hand side. This will open a new page for you to unlock your Digipass and reset the PIN.

Your PIN code has been entered incorrectly. Press the orange key to try again.

The battery is almost empty. You can't replace the battery but we can send a new Digipass free of charge (unless you are overseas, then a delivery fee may apply).
Call us on 0800 22 44 33 or +64 4 8192870 (between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday) and we will send a replacement.
If you can't call or it's outside our business hours, you can print and sign our Digipass Request Form then scan and email, fax or post it back to us.

The battery is flat. See the instructions above for ordering a new Digipass.

This Digipass may have been dropped or the battery replaced. We will need to send you a new one. See the instructions above.

What do I do if I get an error when trying to activate or unlock my Digipass?

There are a few reasons you may be getting an error.

Please check that:
  • you are the primary account holder or authorised signatory
  • your customer number includes all eight digits
  • the format of your date of birth is DD/MM/YYYY, and 
  • you have selected to receive your code by either TXT or email.
If the error continues, please call us on 0800 22 44 33 (+64 4 819 2870).

What do I do if I need to make an urgent transfer but do not have access to my Digipass?


We can transfer the funds for you but, as this is a manual process, it is reserved solely for emergencies. 

If you have an emergency and need an urgent manual transfer, call our friendly contact centre team on 0800 22 44 33 (+64 4 819 2870) so that we can identify you and arrange the transfer. 

You will need to speak with us by 3.30pm on a business day to make sure the transfer is processed that day.

Why have I not received my Digipass activation or unlock code?

Your contact details may not be up to date. Try selecting the other option (TXT or email). There may be a delay in sending/receiving the code: it can take up to 30 minutes to arrive. Call us on 0800 22 44 33 (+64 4 819 2870) if the code still doesn't come through.

Can I make an International Transfer into my RaboDirect account?


Effective 2 October 2017, RaboDirect New Zealand will no longer accept international transfers into RaboDirect Accounts.

After this date you will need to make arrangements with another New Zealand bank that offers this service.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not yet, but we are hoping to make one available in the future.

How can I check that my transfer was loaded correctly?

If you’re transferring funds into your RaboDirect account or making a future dated transfer, you can view, change or cancel this transfer online. 
  1. Log into RaboDirect 
  2. Click 'Transfers' then 'Pending transfers'
  3. Clicking the 'Actions' button will give you the option to view, change or cancel the transfer
If your transfer is not showing here, it has already been processed. Check your transactions to view these transfers. 
  1. Log into RaboDirect
  2. Click 'Savings'
  3. Click on the account number where the funds where coming from/going to
The last six transactions will show. 

When you transfer funds out and select 'as soon as possible', the funds will be withdrawn immediately and won’t show in your pending transfers. Follow the instructions above to see these transfers in your transactions list.

I have exceeded my log in attempts. What can I do?


We take online security seriously and want to make sure your money is safe. If you’ve tried to log in a few times and the information is incorrect, you will be temporarily locked out. But don’t worry, you can try again in an hour.

See the FAQ below for a list of things to check when logging in. 

I keep getting the error “The information you have entered is incorrect”. Why can I not log in?

Our commitment to online security means our log in process is a little more complex than most banks.

Here’s a few things to check: 
  • Customer number – Make sure you are using all eight digits. 
  • Last four digits of your Digipass - This is the serial number on the back of the Digipass and includes the number after the hyphen. For example: If your Digipass serial number is 31-1234567-8, you would enter 5678. 
  • Website – Our web address is  
  • Digipass – If your household has more than one, make sure you are using the correct one.
Call us on 0800 22 44 33 (+64 4 819 2870) if you are still unable to log in. 

I’ve forgotten my customer number, where can I find this?

Call our friendly contact centre on 0800 22 44 33 (+64 4 819 2870) and they can get this for you after a quick security check. We are open 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Why are my funds not available?


There are a few reasons why funds in your account may not be available:

  • You have a pending term deposit, or
  • Funds have recently been deposited and are uncleared. 

If you transfer funds into your account using the RaboDirect online banking system, a clearance period of three business days will apply. This is because the funds are direct debited from your Nominated Account and we need to ensure that the transaction will not be dishonoured before we make the funds available to you.

You will be earning interest but you won’t be able to transfer the funds until the funds are clear. If you want to set up a term deposit, call us on 0800 22 44 33 and we can set this up manually.  

If you need the funds urgently, we can clear them for you sooner. Just get the sending bank to email or fax us a completed Cleared Funds form.

Why do I keep getting logged out?

This could be caused by one of the following:
  • An incompatible device – It is best to use a computer (lap top or PC) as some phones and tablets are not compatible. 
  • An insecure internet connection – Avoid public internet connections such as those in libraries, workplaces and Wi-Fi hot spots. 
  • Using the internet provider Flip – Their IP address changes frequently which causes your RaboDirect internet banking session to end. 
If you are not using any of the above, adding RaboDirect as a trusted site and deleting your browsing history and cookies can resolve this issue.

Could someone withdraw money from my account?

No. Remember, they need all three elements to gain access to your account.

How do I identify a phishing email or fake website?

Fake emails and websites can look very realistic but there are a few tell-tales signs to look out for:
  • Requests for confidential information. We will never ask you to provide your customer number, account number or PIN code via email. 
  • An unusual website URL - Look out for a “padlock” icon next to the URL to ensure you are in an encrypted secure session. If you receive a message along the lines of 'Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.’ this usually means something’s not right. 
  • Grammar and spelling errors - These can be deliberate (to get around spam filters) but are usually unintentional errors made by the fraudsters. 
  • Suspicious logos and links - If you hover your mouse over links in the email, they may not point to your bank's website but to some other third party website you don’t recognise.
  • The email doesn’t address you by name - We won’t send you emails starting with ‘Dear customer’. 
  • The tone of the email is urgent and encourages you to take immediate action e.g. verifying your online banking details. 

If you receive any emails that appear to be from RaboDirect but seem suspicious, please feel free to call us on 0800 22 44 33 or email It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What do I do if I lose my Digipass or it gets stolen?


Call us on 0800 22 44 33 or +64 4 8192870 (between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday) so we can block the Digipass and send a replacement. 

If you can’t call or it’s outside our business hours, you can print and sign our Digipass Request Form then scan and email, fax or post it back to us.

What other security precautions can I take?


Here are some security precautions anyone can adopt to increase their own levels of online security.

1. Protect your Digipass and PIN number

  • Never divulge your account number or Digipass PIN code to anyone.
  • Memorise your account number and Digipass PIN code. If you need to write them down, store them in a location separate from your Digipass or account numbers.
  • Always keep your Digipass separate from your account number and your Digipass PIN code.
  • Do not write your customer number or Digipass PIN code on a Post-It note and stick it to your computer.
  • Notify us immediately if your Digipass is lost or stolen and we will issue you with a replacement Digipass and PIN code.  
  • We usually don't ask for you to return the Digipass. Please notify us immediately of any request to return your Digipass or send it to another address.

2. Use RaboDirect Secure E-mail

Never send sensitive financial information to RaboDirect through regular e-mail. RaboDirect customers have access to secure-mail within our secure transaction site. You should use this e-mail function to communicate with our Customer Contact Centre if you want to include information pertaining to your account statements or account details.    

RaboDirect will NEVER send you an email requesting your personal access details. If you ever receive such an email please notify us immediately.

3. Use updated Anti-Virus Software

We strongly recommend that you protect your computer from viruses by installing and regularly updating firewall and anti-virus software. 

4. Activate a Pop-Up Window Blocker

Blockers are often part of anti-virus and firewall Internet security packages. When you have installed your pop-up blocker you may want to adjust the setting to allow pop-up windows in websites that you trust and need to access.

5. Scan your computer for Spyware regularly

You can eliminate potentially risky pop-up windows by removing any spyware or adware installed on your computer. Spyware and adware are programs that look in on your web viewing activity and potentially relay information to a disreputable source. Perform an Internet search for "spyware" or "adware" to find free spyware removal programs. 

As with a pop-up blocker, you will want to be sure that your removal program is not blocking, or removing, wanted items, and if it is, consider turning it off for some websites.

6. Avoid downloading programs from unknown sources

Downloads may contain hidden programs that can compromise your computer's security. Likewise, e-mail attachments from unknown senders may contain harmful viruses.

7. How to contact us if you have any questions or concerns

At RaboDirect, we maintain the highest security standards and ensure your money is protected at all times. However, if you have any misgivings or require advice on secure online banking, please contact our staff in our Customer Contact Centre by or phone 0800 22 44 33.

What should I do if I receive a phishing email?

  • First of all, don't panic.

  • Do not respond to the mail. This is important because the fraudster will then know that your email address is real working one.

  • Do not click on any links in the email. You could unwittingly download spyware programs to your computer by doing so.

  • Contact your bank. They will probably already be aware of the email by the time you contact them.

What if I suspect that my internet banking has been compromised?


Call us on 0800 22 44 33 (+64 4 8192870) between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday. You can also email outside of business hours.