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Features and fees

Features in detail

Our innovative Managed Funds platform doesn't stop at buying and selling funds online. Take a look below to see what other features you'll receive...

$250 Minimum deposit

Start investing with $250

Tax benefits

For 30% and 33% tax payers

Low entry fee

0.75% entry fee and no exit fees

Tax paid annually

Or when units are sold

Start investing from $250

You can start investing from only $250. You'll enjoy our different approach when you consider some wholesale funds require a minimum investment of up to $500,000 and many retail funds would require an initial investment of $5,000 or more.

Buy and sell simply and without confusion

  • Establish and manage your portfolio online.
  • Buy and sell 24/7 with RaboDirect.
  • Quick and easy with no fuss.
  • All transactions are processed by RaboDirect swiftly and efficiently.

Low entry fee (only 0.75%)

Our automated back office systems enable us to reduce your fees. You'll pay a 0.75% entry fee on all standard fund purchases, and only 0.50% if you've created a Regular Investor Plan.

Take control and manage your money

It's important you monitor your funds once you've made your purchase. Take control with RaboDirect. We provide you ongoing market commentary and performance reports enabling you to track your fund performance, your assets and your investment strategy.

Many quality funds to choose from

We've worked hard to bring you some of New Zealand's leading retail and wholesale funds. There's a wide range to choose from, including some funds that retail investors can only access directly via RaboDirect.

Want to invest regularly?

This is a great way for you to reduce the impact of market fluctuations by investing specific amounts into one or more funds on a regular basis. It's a simple plan (often referred to as 'dollar cost averaging') which can reduce the risks associated with making large one-off investments. Plus, once you've set it up you don't have to make single one-off investments.

Let RaboDirect do the paperwork for you

Managed funds require you to pay tax annually, unlike traditional deposit products where tax is paid monthly when interest is earned.

When you invest in managed funds with RaboDirect the tax is automatically deducted from your account at the end of the tax year or during the year when you sell units.

In addition to this, your statements and tax certificates are generated dynamically and stored historically for your convenience. So when it's time to arrange your finances you can instantly print the copies you need.

Reduced tax for 33% and 30% tax payers

All our managed funds are Portfolio Investment Entities which means your tax is capped at 28%. If you're looking for a low risk investment with tax capped at 28% we also have two Cash Funds available.