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Feel good about your savings 

Saving with RaboDirect not only helps you grow your savings to achieve your goals, but you’re also helping Kiwi farmers grow. This is because customer deposits that are saved with RaboDirect are lent to New Zealand farmers through Rabobank to help bring food to our tables. 

To tell you a little bit about us, we were founded by farmers over a century ago, we’re part of a cooperative bank, which means we’re accountable to our clients and society at large and not accountable to any shareholders. That's why we are proud to offer honest banking with your best interests at heart.

You might like to know that your deposits are used to fund the New Zealand food and farming sector through Rabobank, which ultimately helps our country grow as this is one of the most important business sectors in New Zealand. Food produced locally is exported around the world to countries like China, Japan, and USA. 

Rabobank is a world leading agri-business lender, financing $145bn into the food and agriculture sector worldwide. Our Banking for Food vision is to support the world’s increasing demand for food in a sustainable way, now and into the future by providing access to finance, knowledge and networks.

In 22 emerging and developing countries, Rabo Development and the Rabobank Foundation fulfil an important role by supporting small holder farmers towards self-sufficiency.
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As you can start to see, we're an online savings bank with a purpose and saving with RaboDirect gives you a chance to be a part of something big, something rewarding in many ways. You are helping provide a better future for your children and your children's children, while also earning a great return and reaching your personal savings goals. 

If you feel your values are aligned to ours, then we would love for you to join us on this mission. Open your account with us today and start to feel good about your savings.

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