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  • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No account fees or minimum balance
  • Unlimited deposits & withdrawals

Interest Rate 1.00 % p.a.

  • Add to your balance and make withdrawals at any time^
  • Available for all account types
  • Only $1 minimum opening deposit

Interest Rate 3.00 % p.a.

  • No account fees
  • Premium interest for growing your savings*
  • Unlimited withdrawals

Variable rate up to 2.50 % p.a.

  • Large range of terms
  • Minimum investment $1000
  • Option to automatically reinvest on maturity

Earn up to 4.25 % p.a.

  • Interest compounds daily †
  • Minimum investment only $250
  • Tax capped at 28%

Effective rate for 33% tax payers 1.07 % p.a.

  • 3, 6 and 12 month terms ‡
  • Interest paid on 31 March or on investment maturity
  • Minimum investment only $1,000

1 year effective rate for 33% tax payers 3.65 % p.a.

† Interest on money deposited compounds daily on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On Monday, three days' interest compounds (for Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

‡ Early withdrawal fees may apply. Refer to the TAF Product Disclosure Statement and the RaboDirect Terms & Conditions for more information.

* If the required $50 monthly balance increase excluding interest paid during that month is achieved. The standard RaboSaver rate applies to the portion of the PremiumSaver balance over $100,000 and up to $5,000,000. If the required $50 monthly balance increase is not achieved, a rate of rate of 0.75% p.a. will apply to the total PremiumSaver balance for that month.

^ A 60 day notice period applies prior to each withdrawal.